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To obtain consistently accurate colors from any dye sublimation ink, some form of color correction must be used. There are many different approaches taken by ink suppliers to obtain decent colors. However, for optimum results, we use the internationally recognized ICC color profiles method. Without getting overly technical, an ICC profile is basically a custom designed file that you load onto your computer system. This file takes into account the characteristics of the specific ink, paper, printer and program being used. Every time you print from Corel or Photoshop, your printer knows to use this file and therefore prints accurate colors.

The ICC profile goes along with SUN-FLY sublimation ink with top-level color transfer production. This is because your program would think it is printing with regular Epson inks. The ICC profile gives it new instructions to make inks other than Epson’s perfect match and deliver to sublimation process. What many do however is to create their artwork in a different program and then copy and paste it onto a blank page in Corel or Adobe, to print it. This is a very workable solution. When you print, just make sure your graphics and pictures are printing with RGB value.

ICC Color Management
The designed ICC profiles allow you to print predictable colors, without color replacement. Instead of calibrator, SUN-FLY color management system uses closed-loop color calibration function to generate color characteristic (ICC) file automatically. It calculates the combination of different sized ink drops and RIP screen dot format which ordinary ICC does not involve. This is the most important technique for ensuring the calibrating effectiveness. The system can calibrate color and ink quantity according to characteristics of the ink and medium, implement accurate color management, and produce esthetic and colorful image under any circumstance.

Printing Management
Multi-job management capability can accomplish several queued jobs in priority order and its high speed RIP segment processing ability may allow user to initiate a series of printing by touching one. Output buffering ability enabled by RIP technique overcomes data capacity restrict of WINDOWS and supports extra large format printing.


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